Better Password Protection for Data Privacy Day

Today is Data Privacy Day and we’re celebrating with some do’s and don’ts for better password protection! The most common form of user authentication, passwords protect emails, bank accounts, user profiles and so much more.

In theory it makes sense to choose passwords that are hard to crack and always keep them to ourselves, but in practice, this doesn’t always happen. Here are some password do’s and don’ts.


Need more specific tips? Here are more ideas for stronger passwords that are also easier to remember:

  1. Use Multiple Languages- Words are easier to remember than random letter groupings, but most hackers use English dictionary words when cracking passwords. Using non-English words can help you remember your password while avoiding common words.
  2. Use A Pattern for Special Characters- Inserting a set of special characters into your password every few letters can help you fulfill the special character requirement, and it’s an easy formulaic way to remember where those characters belong.
  3. Only Use Leet in Phrases- Leetspeak (switching letters in a word for numbers and special characters- for example “hello” becomes “h3110”) is not uncommon among hackers, so this method won’t necessarily help keep a one word password safe. However, using them in a phrase can still be helpful, as it is harder to guess a phrase than a single word.