May the (Cybersecurity) Fourth Be With You & World Password Day

May 4th is a very important day for cybersecurity and Star Wars aficionados, alike. At Inverselogic we’re both, which is why we are celebrating World Password Day all while battling each other with lightsabers.

According to McAfee’s World Password Report, 34% of people surveyed report that they use the same password for multiple accounts. 37% of people are still storing their passwords on a piece of paper and kept in a place they deem of as safe. Most have yet to enable two-factor authentication.

With this being said, today should be the day that you change your passwords, Layer Up with two-factor authentication, and indulge in a nice, Star Wars binge-watching session with your Chewbacca mask on.

May the (cybersecurity) Fourth Be With You, young padawan. 

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For more information, please read McAfee’s report by clicking here.