Telegram Hits 100M Monthly Users and 15 Billion Encrypted Messages Daily

While encryption has always been a big topic in IT, certain devices and applications have recently been under harsh scrutiny over the fight to decrypt user-messages. With recent terror attacks, there has been a hefty amount of light shed on the topic and has prompted many well-known CEO’s to speak out, including Pavel Durov of the Telegram app.

Telegram is a popular messenger app that was created in 2012 to encrypt messages after Edward Snowden’s NSA and PRISM revelations. Durov announced that after just two and a half years Telegram has acquired 100,000,000 monthly active users; 350,000 new users each day and 15 billion messages generated on the daily. Each message is sent through a secure, encrypted system.
With the recent world events, the app has been accused of “facilitating and hiding terrorist communication.” It has been a huge debate, considering the need to protect public safety. Durov says in a recent interview, “Privacy, ultimately, is more important than our fear of bad things happening, like terrorism.” While most of the tech world has gathered behind statements such as Durov’s and that of Apple CEO, Tim Cook, there have been mixed emotions about creating backdoor access to customer information. Durov firmly stands behind his policies and those of other tech-giants in efforts to protect the security of their users.

Silent Circle’s Blackphone 2 Arriving in September

The average consumer is largely unaware of how much information they share through the use of their smartphones. This has become a major concern for organizations whose employees access sensitive company information via personal devices. If this is true for you, the Blackphone 2 might be a viable alternative. Silent Circle, a Switzerland-based global encryption communications firm is now accepting pre-orders for the Blackphone 2, the latest version of their security focused smartphone.


The phone runs on SilentOS, a version of Android, and comes preloaded with Silent One’s secure messaging apps and other third party pro-privacy applications. Some notable features on SilentOS include its secure wireless VPN connection to servers (a Blackphone partner) and Disconnect, an anonymizing service which keeps your search activity private. The phone also encrypts all emails, texts, and contact information.

Previously targeting consumers, Silent Circle is now marketing the phone to enterprise hoping their secure software suite is private enough to steal market share from Blackberry. The Blackphone 2 is set to release in September, at a price somewhere above $630. Silent Circle also announced a private tablet back in March, but has not provided any updates on its release.