Skype Developing 3D Video Chat


Skype turns 10 this year, and in an interview with BBC, they confirmed that 3D video calls are in development. In the future you may be able to video chat with others in 3D, but it will be years before the technology is logo

It’s not the 3D screens holding Skype back, but the video capturing devices. In order for 3D imaging to work, multiple cameras need to be set up and calibrated from the right angles. The 3D capturing technology has a ways to go before you will be able to chat in 3D from home.

3d Glasses

While 3D video chat sounds like an interesting development, it might be challenging for the technology to catch on. While newer TV screens are all equipped with 3D technology, few are really excited about wearing 3D glasses, and most would rather have 2D entertainment. Hopefully Skype will come up with a way to make their 3D video chat experience practical, more immersive, and less of a headache than 3D viewing as we know it.


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