Silent Circle’s Blackphone 2 Arriving in September


The average consumer is largely unaware of how much information they share through the use of their smartphones. This has become a major concern for organizations whose employees access sensitive company information via personal devices. If this is true for you, the Blackphone 2 might be a viable alternative. Silent Circle, a Switzerland-based global encryption communications firm is now accepting pre-orders for the Blackphone 2, the latest version of their security focused smartphone.


The phone runs on SilentOS, a version of Android, and comes preloaded with Silent One’s secure messaging apps and other third party pro-privacy applications. Some notable features on SilentOS include its secure wireless VPN connection to servers (a Blackphone partner) and Disconnect, an anonymizing service which keeps your search activity private. The phone also encrypts all emails, texts, and contact information.

Previously targeting consumers, Silent Circle is now marketing the phone to enterprise hoping their secure software suite is private enough to steal market share from Blackberry. The Blackphone 2 is set to release in September, at a price somewhere above $630. Silent Circle also announced a private tablet back in March, but has not provided any updates on its release.


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