Secret Service Warns of Gas Pump Skimmers This Holiday


Are you planning to get away for the Fourth of July? U.S. Secret Service has warned the public to watch out when using your credit card at the gas stations this holiday.

According to AAA, it’s going to be the busiest and craziest Fourth of July holiday in history. That’s why Secret Service agents from all of their 36 offices will be locating and recovering skimming devices from gas stations in 21 states during the holiday.

Skimmers are devices that detect and retrieve credit card information for the purpose of fraudulent activities. Gas stations are the number one target on prime holidays.

“Because today’s gas pumps are typically unattended, developing suspects and making arrests in skimming cases is difficult – but not impossible,” the agency said in a statement.

The team has recovered more than 70 skimmers when they researched and ran a campaign for the memorial day this year.

Credit card thieves are getting smarter with their strategies, and even experts may be fooled. But there is still a way to catch them.

Read here for tips on how to stay safe this Fourth of July holiday.


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