A little sneak peek into the new iOS12 features


It’s that time of the year again. Apple has announced its new iOS12 that’s packed with lots of improvements! At this year’s conference, CEO Tim Cook showed us the new features for the new iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Apple Watch.

We’re lovin’ it so far!

Here are all the new features of the new software:

Group FaceTime

Wow! This must be a dream. You can now facetime all your friends (up to 32 people) at the same time and brag about the new tech gadget that you purchased (haha!).  No makeup on for that video chat? No problem, you can now facetime your friends using a filter or an effect. Texting is also going to be fun with the new iOS 12, but maybe not as fun as 32 individuals talking over each other without a moment of silence.


We’ve been waiting for some new emojis to send our friends and it’s finally happening. Apple is adding new animals to the Animoji feature, which unfortunately will only be available to iPhone X owners. The most exciting thing about the Animoji is having an emoji that looks just like you (called the Memoji)! Users can select their skin color, hairstyles, eyewear, and even their head shape. After the user creates their Memoji, the software will take it and recreate your head and face movements just like the Animojis.

Augmented reality

Apple is really upgrading with the new augmented reality tool, a measure that turns your phone into an $800 ruler. Some developers are working on some new apps which will be corresponding with the new trendy technology out there. (We will soon be able to hold a device over a curtain and play a multiplayer game.) Now that’s exciting!

You can read more about the features which are tied to AI here.


Apple is coming up with its new MacOS which will be named Mojave. It’s going to have a dark mode and will make a background black & grey instead of white. This feature will help you view your computer better in a dark room or at night.

For all the people who keep their desktop messy with fifty files saved on the front page, this one’s for you! You can now sort the random files on your desktop into categories, such as file type with the new option called “Desktop Stacks.”


Attention social media addicts! Here’s a feature that can help with managing your app usage time! The time-management feature that comes with iOS12 will soon help us use our devices less, providing a breakdown of how much time we spend on an app. Yes, it will hurt all the social networking sites like Facebook and Instagram, but it will help discipline us for the better. Once you see how much time you’ve wasted scrolling down Instagram, you will naturally stray away from it the next day.

Some great news: with the new iOS12, you will now be notified of Facebook tracking you around the web even when you’re logged out of it. Thanks to Apple, the user will have the ability to choose whether Facebook tracking will be allowed or not on his/her device. This finally saves us from all the suspiciously relevant ads covering our Facebook news feed page.

WatchOS updates

It’s time to have some backstage fun! Here’s a great new feature for people who need quick, direct communication. Your Apple Watch can soon be used as a walkie-talkie! That’s so cool–over!

App Store

Last but certainly not least, Mac’s App store will also be getting a makeover to make it look similar to its iOS sibling. Also, with the help of developer tools, iOS apps will be made easily available to the Mac.

The Company is also going to be bringing its regular iPhone apps like the News, Voice Memos, Stocks, and Home to its Mac desktop which will be similar to the iPad version of apps.

Hope you enjoyed the little sneak peek into iOS12. Although, the company’s saving a few surprises for its September press launch for the new iPhone.

You can also read more about it here.


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