Intel Breaks Down the Internet Minute


The internet is a mysterious place. Have you ever wonder what happens on the internet in just 60 seconds? Intel released a graphic with stats on everything from the total GB of global IP data transferred to the number of Facebook logins that happen every minute. Check it out by clicking the photo below:

image credit: Intel

The Break Down of the Internet Minute:

  • 639,800 GB of global IP data transferred
  • 204 million emails sent
  • 2+ million Google search queries
  • 320 new Twitter accounts and 100,000 new tweets
  • 277,000 Facebook logins and 6 million page views
  • $83,000 in Amazon sales
  • 61,141 hours of music played on Pandora
  • 47,00 app downloads
  • 1,300 new mobile users
  • 100+ new LinkedIn accounts
  • 135 new Botnet infections
  • 20 new victims of identity theft
  • 6 new Wikipedia articles published

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