Google Calendar Announces its New “Out of Office” Mode


Google calendar is one of the biggest google apps that try to improve for its users. The company announced its new “Out of Office” feature for customizable working hours, as users can now signal their unavailability to others and automatically decline any meetings on their behalf outside of business hours. For example, if you’re scheduling a date for a vacation, you can mark it as “Out Of Office,” and if someone tries to send you an invitation for an event, it will decline the sender’s invite without your involvement. Pretty cool!

Before, users were only able to set working hours over the entire week,, but now–thanks to this new feature– you can have more control over working hours settings by customizing your hours day by day instead of setting it up to the usual 9 to 5.

Google Calendar will attempt to gather your working hours from your past emails and may provoke you to affirm them in the application’s Settings.

The progressions may seem small, but it is part of a bigger movement at Google to promote digital wellbeing across its platforms. The company has introduced a number of features that focus on helping people with time management and device-use cutback.

Google Calendar’s new features have had beneficial effects on the community as a whole. For example, the new time management controls for Android users have a set of screen time tools for parents to use with children. Google even came out with a tool to help YouTube users cut down the time they spend mindlessly watching videos.

Gmail and Google Photos, use machine learning and A.I. to decrease the time spent on our devices and apps by doing things like prioritizing the important mail or automatically editing your photos.

The new Google Calendar tools are taking off now to G Suite users, Google says. Most probably, it will be available for the users very soon. 

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