NHS, FedEx and Other Major Companies Hit in Global Cyberattack


More than 74 countries and 45,000 attacks were carried out during a global cyberattack today. Among the countries affected, 16 National Health Services (NHS) hospitals in England were hit, along with FedEx and Spain’s largest telecom.

The attack appears to be carried out by hackers using a stolen tool created by the United States National Security Agency (NSA): WannaCry Ransomware.

With this strain of ransomware, $300 (£233) is being demanded in exchange for the decryption key for each locked system. Hospitals were forced to shut down their emergency rooms and send patients to other locations. Patient records, schedules, phones and email were all compromised during the attack, putting a number of patients at grave risk.

As of now, it is not being seen as a matter of national security brought on by foreign power. It is still being treated as a very serious matter.

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