Facebook’s New Dashboard Can Help You Manage Your Time On App

Source: TheVerge; Facebook

The well-being movement in the world of technology continues! Facebook has announced its new time management feature on its app that will now allow its users to set a time limit on how long they spend scrolling through their news feeds. With the “Daily Reminder” feature in hand, users can be notified of their daily time limit reached on the social media site.

Facebook’s update comes after Instagram’s own time management features that rolled out two weeks ago.

Ameet Ranadive, leader of Instagram’s well-being management team, explained how they “want these tools to be widely available to the whole community, and to anyone that would benefit from using them.” He further explains how “[i]t’s really important for people that use Instagram and Facebook to feel like the time that they spend with us is time well spent,” and that users feel “empowered” when making conscientious decisions about the time they put in for engaging in social media activities.

While Facebook hasn’t implemented a feature for users to block their own access to use the app like Apple’s Screen Time, there is still an advantage to the reminder notifications and usage details that allow one to control their time spent online.

This new feature can be accessed by checking the Settings & Privacy menu, where you can select “Your Time On Facebook”.


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