Iran Attacked by Another Virus: Flame

Iran has confirmed that they have been attacked by another virus, Flame, which collects information on high-ranking officials.

Remember Stuxnet? Unlike it, Flame is not destructive but is considered more dangerous for obvious reasons.

The virus is thought to have originated in Israel since the encryption patterns are similar to previous malware threats which were programmed in the country.

To read more on the virus and what the Iranians have to say about it CLICK HERE.

Stuxnet: War of the Future?

Last year, the Stuxnet virus infiltrated five Iranian organizations including nuclear facilities. The virus has the capability to shut down centrifuges that spin nuclear material at Iran’s enrichment facilities.

Stuxnet is said to be the first weapon to be made of code. Furthermore, the code for Stuxnet is accessible to anyone; it can be downloaded and redesigned.

Consequently, Iran has openly formed the second largest online army by asking hackers to join their revolutionary guard.

We encourage you to watch this informative video about Stuxnet and how it works:

Stuxnet: Anatomy of a Computer Virus from Patrick Clair on Vimeo.