Jeans Shopping with Bloomingdales Body Scanners

Shopping for the perfect pair of jeans involves finding them in the right color, wash, cut, and feel that is both comfortable and flattering. Now five Bloomingdales locations have a device to help make your experience a little easier if you’re interested in high end denim. These select Bloomingdales stores have installed a Me-Ality body scanner that can scan your body to find the right style and most flattering fit for you.

me-ality body scanner

After having been scanned, shoppers will receive a print out with suggestions for styles that would best suit their body types along with more accurate sizing. They will also create an online profile where they can access this information. Talk about high tech shopping.

These machines are available at Bloomingdales’ 59th Street flagship in Manhattan, Roosevelt Field Mall, CA; Chevy Chase, MD; Santa Monica Place, CA; and South Coast Plaza, CA.



Satisfying the Online Customer

The annual Holiday Edition of the ForeSee E-Retail Satisfaction Index has been released with valuable information for online and off-line retailers. The report, showing results of over 24,000 surveys taken between Thanksgiving and Christmas, highlights the stark difference between rapidly increasing e-retail sales and the slow and almost stagnant increase in customer satisfaction over the years. 
How was your online shopping experience this holiday season?
So what’s the importance of customer satisfaction online? The study found that satisfied users are…
65% more committed to the brand overall
71% more likely to purchase again online
58% more likely to purchase off-line
69% more likely to recommend the retailer
67% more likely to purchase from the retailer again
Lower scores resulted from retailers failing to understand online customers’ shopping wants, needs, and expectations. Important elements rated by customers (that any e-retailer, big or small, should prioritize when creating their sites) were:
Price –customers’ perception of how fair or competitive the pricing is
Merchandise—the appeal, variety, and availability of products
Website Functionality—the usefulness, convenience, and variety of features available to users
Content—users’ perception of accuracy, quality, and freshness of information on the site
The top five highest scores on a hundred point scale go to:
  • (88)
  • (85)
  • (84)
  • (84)
  • (83)

Sites with the greatest drops in satisfaction since last year:

  • (5 point drop)
  • (3 point drop)
  • (3 point drop) 
  • (3 point drop)
For complete details on the annual Holiday report, visit ForeSee’s Press Release Page.

Predictability of Your PIN Code

Taking advantage of holiday sales might mean more trips to the bank and frequent use of your debit card. Unfortunately, the more you use your bank card the higher your risk of vulnerability to fraud and identity theft. Have you ever wondered how easy it might be for someone to crack your PIN code? Database analysts at DataGenetics broke down the trends in passwords from previously released tables and security breaches.

The most common four digit password was”1234″ which accounted for 10.7% of all passwords analyzed. Not surprisingly, the second and third most common passwords were “1111” and “0000”. Think those are too easy to guess? If you use numbers like your birth date, zip code, or street number, your code can easily be guessed if your wallet is lost or stolen along with your debit card and ID. It would be safer to use a relative’s birth date or a number unrelated to your personal information.

The 20 most commonly used password codes are fairly predictable.

The most uncommon codes from the data set were “8068” and “8093”. But we suggest a safer strategy for keeping your money protected- keep your debit card secured at home when it’s not needed and use credit cards during busy shopping seasons instead.This way any fraud using your identity can be disputed, leaving your hard earned cash safe and untouched. Fraud of any kind is a hassle and can be a danger to your finances, but it is much easier to dispute a charge on credit than decreased cash in your account when bills need to be paid. So enjoy the after-Christmas sales, and remember to practice safer shopping!

IBM Predicts Sensing Computers in the Five Years

Tis the season for holiday shopping! While we love a great online deal, some things just aren’t easy to shop for on the web. Looking at fabrics and zooming in on goods with different textures just isn’t the same as sensing with physical touch. However, this could change in the next five years with new technology.

Senseg’s haptic technology gives touch screen the feel of different textures

IBM predicts that in the next five years smartphones will have the technology to mimic the sensation of touching different surfaces, similar to the way game controllers vibrate to mimic driving off the road in a video game. Senseg’s E-Sense technology uses electric fields to give the illusion of feeling different surface textures. IBM also predicts that by 2018 computers will enable all five senses. We’re not sure how smell and taste will come into play, but we’d love to see how the idea could be implemented in the retail, food, and even healthcare industries.

Shop Using QR Codes at Target

Shopping with kids during the holiday season can mean making a few more trips in order to get the toys they want without ruining the surprise. To compete with companies that make fast and discreet shipments like Amazon, Target has come up with a new way to shop—via mobile. 

One of the season’s popular toys will be the new Furby by Hasbro. Image courtesy of Engadget.
They’ve added QR codes to a list of the season’s most coveted toys. By scanning the code with your phone in stores you can order the toy and have it shipped to your home free of charge. All you need is to download the app onto a smartphone and enter credit card, shipping and billing information
Here’s a list of toys from their press release:

9 Months to 2 Years:
• Hasbro®  PLAYSKOOL Rockitivity Walk ‘n Roll Rider
3 to 4 Years:
• Just Play™ Bounce Bounce Tigger
• Hasbro® BABY ALIVE Baby Wanna Walk
5 to 7 Years:
• Hasbro® FURBY
• HEXBUG® Warriors Battle Zone Playset
• Mattel® Hot Wheels® Wall Tracks Power Tower® Track Set
• Fisher-Price® Imaginext® Eagle Talon Castle
• Leap-Frog LeapPad2 Explorer Exclusive Bundle (Target exclusive)
• LEGO® Friends Emma’s Horse Trailer (Target exclusive)
• Mattel® Barbie Photo Fashion Doll
• Mattel® Monster High® Scary Tales Doll (Target exclusive)
• MGA Entertainment® Lalaloopsy Harmony B. Sharp
• Hasbro® NERF N-Strike Elite Hail-Fire Blaster
• Hasbro® Spider-Man Dual Action Web Shooter
8 and Up:
• Spin Master Air Hogs® Hover Assault
• MEGA Brands® HALO 4 Warthog Vehicle
• Hasbro® BOP-IT Smash
• Hasbro® EASY BAKE Ultimate Oven
• LEGO® Super Heroes Batwing Battle Over Gotham City