15th Anniversary of Deep Blue Beating Garry Kasparov at a Game of Chess

Today marks the 15th anniversary of IBM’s Deep Blue beating Garry Kasparov at a game of chess.

Since then, IBM has come a long way with their “super computers.” Deep Blue paved the way for Blue Gene and Watson.

The infographic below helps put into perspective how far super computers really have come.

Photo Courtesy of IBM Research

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Meet Dr. Watson!

IBM’s Watson is making headlines again, but this time he’s not competing on Jeopardy.

One of the largest health insurance company’s in the U.S., WellPoint Inc., is looking to implement Watson’s capabilities to prescribe medication and provide various treatment options for patients.

This will be done by combining a patient’s medical record chart, the health insurance company’s history on the patient and the medical knowledge that Watson possesses.

Beginning next year, several cancer facilities, academic medical centers and oncology practices will put a pilot program to the test.

To Organize, Or Not To Organize?

A study conducted by IBM Research has found that people who organize their emails into folders have a more difficult time finding what they are looking for than those who do no organization at all.

Users who did no filing were able to find what they were looking for faster by using search tools. Not only did the non-organizers save time when searching, they also eliminate the time spent on organizing.

The study suggests keeping conversations in existing threads instead of beginning new ones to keep your inbox neat.

The formula for success is simple: remain unorganized! Don’t make folders and keep conversations in the same thread.

To view the PDF version of the study, CLICK HERE.