Airports May Bring in Cashier-Less Amazon Go Stores

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A few airports may soon start implementing Amazon Go Stores–the cashier- and check-out free shops made to make life more quick and convenient for consumers. Reuters recently published a report on Amazon’s interest in providing their retail service to airports in San Jose and Los Angeles; both airport locations confirmed that the Amazon Go team had reached out in request for a meeting with officials. Dallas Fort Worth’s International Airport also reached out to the online giant, asking to be “the first Airport Amazon Go location.”

In just the last year alone, 350 million passengers were transported using flights in the top 12 airports in the U.S., as data provided by the U.S. Department of Transportation indicates.

Bringing in the retail shop for such a large crowd of passengers could prove to be a great business deal for Amazon. “You’ll be able to build broad awareness just being in a dozen of the best airports,” says an anonymous employee in Reuter’s report.

So far, Amazon has established its Go stores in Chicago, San Francisco, and Seattle for its employees who need a quick and easy bite, and moving the stores to airports would match the same fast-paced atmosphere for travelers on the go. Consumers could just walk in and walk out, as sensors detect the items taken.

While there is talk going on about the Go stores in airports, no set decisions or deals have been made yet.


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